Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Many people’s work occurs in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, which can be harmful to productivity. To remain focused on the job, below are a few of the greatest browser tools that help with productivity.

Google Keep

GoogleGoogle Maintain is an excellent extension for Google Chrome, for if you wish to maintain all of your information neatly arranged. Its main job is to enable you to take notes and make to-do lists; it can also save pages and images and add notes. You may also take notes by creating voice memos, which are later transcribed. Google Keep also enables you to set up location-based reminders to your lists and notes. Say you’ve got to perform some on-location search for a traveling program.

Make a record of all of the details you ought to keep tabs on and place a location-based reminder to ensure Google Keep pulls your list up after you reach the place. To create your notes much more organized, so you don’t need to waste time searching for these, you can color-code them and connect them with tags.


With it, you can keep an eye on your endeavors and handle all of your jobs by organizing and assigning them straight from the own Chrome. This expansion can also be significant when you’ve got many deadlines that you wish to keep tabs on since it permits you to specify due dates and prioritize jobs accordingly. To make things simpler, you can color-code your endeavors, produce sub-groups and sub-projects, and micromanage your everyday workload.


workingThis expansion can allow you to stay away from online distractions by limiting the time you are permitted to invest in them. Say you would like to determine that the time you spend on Facebook to ten minutes. After your 10 minutes are up, you will not have the ability to get Facebook or some other blocked site until the following day. You also will not have the ability to alter the preferences to give more moments on a site when your time on it’s expired, which means that your willpower will not be enticed.

Another excellent aspect of this expansion is that the Nuclear Option. Here, you may place the number of days or hours you are interested in being entirely restricted from entering certain websites. As soon as you turn on this choice, there is no method you can turn it off, even till the time you have entered has died.

Productivity Owl

The Productivity Owl makes you confident up to your productivity match and operates quicker. This expansion enables you only a specific quantity of time to navigate a web page until it closes the internet page. An owl animation will accompany you to each of the sites you are browsing and count off your own time, reminding you to concentrate on the job at hand. It’s possible to utilize Productivity Owl to limit the time spent on particular time-consuming sites, but you might also block them altogether. You can also learn how to do online tasks, for example, study, faster, by training yourself to discover relevant info on internet pages until the timer goes away. It is possible to white-list sites you often use for your work. You could even schedule your spare time, and also, the Owl …

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Music Streaming Apps You Should Check Out

If you like streaming audio, you likely have heard of the Spotify app. Sadly, this app is not available in all countries. However, all hope is not lost, AppValley has got you covered. In addition to this, you will get a completely free version. With numerous brand new audio streaming solutions popping up, it is about time you knew about other Spotify alternatives.apps


It includes similar ideas and learns your music taste. Updating for $ 4 monthly to Plus version has perks, such as offline listening. Premium variant comes in $10 per month and a few extra features and variation, like playing audio on-demand and making your playlist. It is just available in the US and Canada now.

Apple Music

Dealing with Apple Music has particular perks that you won’t get anyplace else. For starters, it has more exclusives compared to its rivals. Additionally, music is made accessible before any other platform. Spotify has over 80 million subscribers Apple Music has accumulated more than 50 million readers in 3 years. Apple is catching up quickly, although the gap is significant. In a couple of years, we’re bound to find some fierce rivalry between both giants.

I’ve used Apple Music for some time and found that its audio recommendation is topnotch, even toppling Spotify’s likes. Select the trial version, which allows access for as much as three weeks.


Deezer is offered in 189 nations, covering nearly every country on Earth. They are far in terms of getting their solutions. They have Taylor Swift onboard, who left Spotify in 2014. If you are a college student, you may enjoy the superior version for only $4.99. The best grade is for all those who don’t compromise quality. For $19.99 a month, you will acquire CD-quality streams at the top of all of the attributes of this premium version. As soon as you’ve determined, getting started is fairly straightforward.

Amazon Prime Music

man using phoneAside from purchasing discounts and advantages, subscribing to Amazon Prime has additional curricular perks. You receive access to Amazon Prime Video, which has lots of catalogs of stand-ups, TV shows, and films. The Amazon Prime Music, nevertheless, frequently slips under the radar of Amazon Prime readers. If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, you don’t need to shell out anything additional to get their audio streaming support.

It is improving all of the time, although it is not among the best around. With Amazon Prime, Music is a no-brainer if you subscribed to Amazon Prime. But it is not worth spending $12.99 a month only because of its audio streaming support. You will find better deals available at reduced costs.…

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Top Qualities of a Good YouTube Video

A good video can definitely be separated from a great one by the content creator. He/she has to put in all effort to ensure the video is the best. The content creator must be very much aware of what he/she has to come up with to get a good quality video. The creators have to always put in mind that the video they are coming up with is for the public thus it has to be very appealing.

A good video will always make the viewer curious to watch. In case you are wondering how to come up with the best youtube videos here are the top qualities of great YouTube videos that you should acquaint yourself with. .




Most viewers often go to youtube to look for helpful materials that can help them. Some may be looking for tutorials on how to make natural hair, cook among many others, that is why it is very necessary to make your topics beneficial to the viewers. Ensure the content flows very well for the viewer to search whenever he/she goes to youtube. If the video is in series, ensure you inform your viewers to avoid losing the flow. This will be very helpful to them.


As much as your topic might be interesting, no viewer would want to sit for more than half an hour just watching you talk. To keep your viewers interested and enjoy watching your video make it as short as possible. If your discussion is more in-depth, you can break them into episodes though with the same topic. Making it short will capture your viewers’ interest and capture their concentration. Keep in mind also your viewers don’t have the whole day to watch your videos however captivating they might be.

High Quality

A video with the best quality clearly separates a good video from a bad one. Most people go for the best video which means it has good quality. A video with high quality automatically draws attention. To take a good video means you have to acquire the best camera that can take a high-quality video. When using the camera, you have to be steady to avoid shaky shots; the voice has to be clear and audible to be heard very well.




No one will waste their time watching what they cannot understand as much as your video can be partly understood. Go slowly, take your time understand what you want to say first, put more effort into your speech patterns. This will be perfect especially for tutorial videos. Choose your language wisely and one that is best understood by your viewers.…

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